The Tax Refund Process and How to Speed it up

Firstly we will send you a tax checklist. If you have previously been our client, we will not need most questions filled out as we would have it on file, for all new clients you proceed to fill out the tax checklist.

How long does it take for you to complete my tax return?

Once you have filled out the questionnaire you can send it via email the information, we will complete all returns within 24 hours even if it is a Saturday, Sundays we do not have any processing.

You may then sign your return via email and electronic signatures, or you may come in and see us to sign and pay, there will be clear instruction in the email, please follow this format so you ensure to sign off all that is required to avoid processing delays.

How can I pay for your services in lodging my tax return?

You have many options in paying our Tax Invoice for our services, credit card which costs 2.59% extra on top of your invoice, all tax deductible, you can direct deposit however until funds are cleared we will lodge your return once we see your client code on our bank transfer. You can pay via PayPal.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

At Australia Wide Tax Solutions our quickest refund has been four days to a maximum of 14 Days, our lodgement process is streamlined and effective and we have great lodgement statistics with the Australian Tax office to receive speedy refunds. We pride ourselves on our tax lodgement processes.

Can I pay my tax fee via my tax refund?

You are able sign our Trust account letter that ensure your return is completed and lodge in a timely manner, this costs an extra $50 per tax return as we have an external auditor via the Institute of Public practising accountants that does a fill audit of our accounts every year.

Will I receive a receipt from the Australian Tax Office?

Yes once your refund is processed you will receive what is called a Notice of Assessment, you will receive the tax refund, then after three days usually a Notice of Assessment will be posted to the address that you have filled out on your tax return, at times it’s our postal address however to avoid processing delays we prefer that the documents come straight to you.

Will I receive a receipt for your tax processing?

Yes, you will receive a receipt and tax invoice as soon as payment is cleared, this receipt should be used with your next year’s tax return so you can claim all services for all tax processing, if you have used a tax registered agent to lodge your tax return you are entitled to a 100% tax deduction.

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