BAS Returns

Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a fact of your business life which can be either a monthly or quarterly basis. It summaries the Total Amounts of GST payable and receivable for a certain time, including PAYG and ABN withholding tax.

Australia Wide Tax Solutions can help you to identify the need to register GST and continue to monitor your tax return, so that we can ensure the compliance of current tax law. In addition, should there be a need to cancel your registration of GST for some reasons, we will notify you on a timely manner.

In determining the most suitable GST schemes for your business, we also need to look at the type of business that you are in and the eligibility together, as some GST schemes may entitle you the right to a certain amount of tax savings.

Business Activity Statement must be lodged for every period (monthly or quarterly) by all business owners and loading & paying BAS has been made easier these days with option via variety of methods.

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